existential units of concentration

During a residency at ARNA in Harlösa, Sweden in May/June of 2015 I began making my first cast acrylic sculptures. I collected a range of animal, vegetable, and mineral specimens from the surrounding landscape with the motivation to make a sort of "matter-memory-molecule" of a specific time and place, a riff on the traditional modes of portraiture (to the extent that one can anthropomorphize the landscape as expressing human temperaments), the alchemical process of collecting and transmogrifying natural pigments into oil-based paints, and plein air landscape painting in general. This work combines my long standing interest in preserving material specimens for aesthetic display (a kind of removal of matter from space and time) with quasi-quack theories of therapeutic material resonation, such as can be found in Wilhelm Reich's theory of orgone, Hans Jenny and Rudolph Steiner's work with cymatic resonation, Edmund Gurney's idea of telepathic vibration-waves, Hermann von Helmholtz's idea of sympathetic vibrations, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's concept of a spiritual-physical noosphere, Tesla's energy experiments, etc etc etc. These sculptures are referred to as Existential Units of Concentration.