AUTOPOIETIC AMALGAMATE (ALL OF THE “ART” DISTILLED INTO A FORM-FUL PILE AND EMPTIED ITSELF OF EXCESS, FINALLY): [Self-Portrait as Utility (Blades); EVERYTHING-NOTHING: Everything (The Big Oil [Low Light]), Nothing (Faux-Earth [High Light]), Primary and Secondary Sun Sets; EPISTEMOLOGICAL CANOPY: Study for a Toolbox, Study for Semiotic Vase #1-11, Study for Analogous Forms, Unclogging the Cannons, Omniana (In Progress) on a Pedestal of Pure Becoming; SCHEMATIC FOR A SENSUOUS MANIFOLD: Garnet, Jadeite and Peridot (Front, Middle, Back), Study for a Screen-Painting #1, Study for a Purposelessly Purposive Composition (In Progress), Autopoietic Demonstrative #3, Study for a Sensuous Manifold; SCHEMATIC FOR A VISION MACHINE: Study for Everything-Nothing #2 (Failed), Study for a Screen-Painting #2-3, Phase for Amplified Kodak Ektagraphics, Sediment, Spectra, Semiosphere (Projected); STUDY FOR A TOTEM OF REDUCTIVE ONTOLOGY: Table Swimming with the Fishes (Study for an Allegory of/for Death), Study for Reductive Ontological Hardware and Fixtures, Study for Everything Nothing #1 (Revived), Study for a Negative Dialectics, My Life, My Love, The Ocean (C – C – C); CUP OF CLAIRVOYANCE: Study for a Cup of Clairvoyance [Poem for an Omnipotent Derelict]; FUNERAL HYMN FOR THE LOSS OF MEANING: Funeral Hymn for the Loss of Meaning (Study for Foucault’s Pendulum [Autopoietic Demonstrative #4]); PRIMARY, SECONDARY, TERTIARY SETS: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sun(s)/rise(s), Set, Study for a Neutral Field (Painting [All the Folds Fall Upon Themselves]), Study for a McCracken Slab Mirror with Removed Figure (Disfigurative Painting #1), Study for a Transcendental Phallus Imitating a Metaphenomenal Vulva; HISTORICO-PHILOSOPHICAL TIMELINE: Study for a Historico-Philosophical Timeline (Phenomenological Compression); (IM)PURE (DIS)APPEARANCE: Study for a Disappearance #1 (Towards a Theory of Philosophical Disenfranchisement [W-ALL PAINTING]), Study for a Disappearance #2, Study for a Disappearance #3, Study for a Disappearance #4, Who’s Afraid of White, Pink, and Brown? (Concerning the Dehumanizing Tendencies of Beauty, Nature, and the Sublime)] WITH ADDITIONAL AND POSSIBILITY EXCESSIVE ACCOMPANYING PARAPHERNALIA IN ONE OR MULTIPLE PILES


Fatigue Latex Paint, Char Latex Paint, and Everything (Else) Latex Paint applied to: All the #11 X-acto Blades Used by the Artist since September 2009, All the Oil-based Paints from the Artist’s Studio on Canvas, All the Water-based Paints from the Artist’s Studio on Canvas, Tripodal Utility Lights, Clip-on Utility Lights, RGB LED Light Bulbs, Enamel on House Fans, Custom Stands, Book Cuttings on Found Paper, Custom Frames, 80 Hand-treated Found Slides (Drano), All the Paper Waste from the Artist’s Studio, Acrylic Medium, Deconstructed Books, Enamel on Canvas, Organized and Stacked Found Book Covers, Reel-to-Reel Tape Player, Polyester Recording Tape, Handmade Koto, Contact Microphones, Amplifier, 240 Hand-painted 35mm Glass Slides (Ink, Acrylic Medium, Alcohol, Linseed Oil), 6 Kodak Ektagraphic Projectors (2 Modified and Prepared), Enamel and Shellac on Canvas, 160 Hand-painted 35mm Glass Slides (Acrylic, Ink, Oil, Enamel, Various Mediums, Alcohol, Saliva), Telephone Pickups, Hand-Wound Pickups, Opaque Projector, Wood Screws, Oil on Linen, Enamel on Royal Typewriter from the Artist’s Studio, Enamel on Plastic Goblet, 8oz Maximum Strength Robitussin Cough Syrup, Electric Guitar, Guitar Amplifier with Removed Speaker, Braided Steel Cable, Latex Paint on Wood, Clear Vinyl, Mirror, 35mm Photograph Printed on Transparent Plastic Mounted to Light Box, White Noise on Endless Cassette Tape, Pink Noise on Endless Cassette Tape, Brown Noise on Endless Cassette Tape, 3 Tape Players, Enamel Tray, Extension Cord, Luggage, Objects from Other Artist’s Studios, Burlap Bags, Paint Cans, Artist’s Sleeping Bag, Artist’s Pillow, Artist’s Pants, Artist’s Shirt, Artist’s Shoes, Motors, Straps, Earth, Hair, Dust, Doric Columns