These videos document the fabrication and test-installation of a large plastic inflatable projection-screen-sculpture created by the collaborative team of Maneesh Madahar, Curtis Tamm, and Travis Wyche in Oakland, CA in October 2011. The sculpture was conceived and executed in the Oakland interdisciplinary art space known as LIMINAL during a short residency period and installed in it's final form at the Berkeley Art Museum  on October 27th, 2011. The sculpture itself served as an experiment in large-scale amorphous composition as well as a laboratory for various material applications that would facilitate the numerous projections that would accompany the form for the exhibition. The exhibition featured an array of projection apparatus prepared by the artists ranging from post-structuralist flicker films and animations and hand painted 35mm slides on prepared projectors to demonstrations of various biological automata (brine shrimp, fruit flies, and blood worms) whirling on prepared overhead projectors.