Abstractions Under Glass

Consisting of a series of paintings on 35mm double-paned glass slides, these works were created as a result of continued experimentation with multiple Kodak Ektagraphic slide projectors in combination with various painting, writing, and sound endeavors. Originally conceived of as a contribution to an evening of experimental video and sound works (in the vein of 60s & 70s psychedelic light shows, liquid crystal displays, and live cymatic experiments), it quickly became apparent that the work offered a myriad of possibilities for presentation in both projected and printed form. The slides are offered here under the auspices of 160 individual paintings which may be shown as a series of disparate works, projected individually over other works or as installation environments, or in combination utilizing two or more projectors as demonstrated in the piece Phases for Amplified Ektagraphics.

All works: Acrylic, Oil, Ink, Enamel, and Detritus on Mounted Glass 35mm Slides.